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My name is Per Zettergren and I became interested in photography already as a small child, it all begun when I got my hands on my mother’s old box camera. To everybody’s delight I was running around taking pictures of anyone and anything, until I realised that my elder sister’s delight was of the malicious kind, a photographer apparently needed something weird called “film”.


After having too much to drink, at the tender age of fourteen, my parents decided to cancel my summer holiday. Instead, it was thought, my character needed strengthening through hard work. My parents fixed me a job at the local junk-yard! I don’t know if it worked, but my salary bought me a camera, two lenses and dark room equipment.


During my military service in the navy one of my duties was as a ship photographer in the

Swedish Icebreakerdivision, including on board developing and copying.


My civil occupation is that of an operational developer with focus on management systems and management support.


I have chosen to publish parts of my photographing. Primarily, it is my love of the most beautiful capital in the world, Stockholm and its marine settings, which has left its mark on these images and my photographical expression. Recently I have discovered the camera as a tool for creating illusionary and abstract fine art photographs.


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Per Zettergren